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You could call us the Auto Electrical experts who specialize in servicing the heavy industry installations at the work site on a 24x7 basis. We also carry out Auto electrical repairs, installation of new Alternators & Starter Motors, fault detection in wiring, modifications and repairs. In addition, we also deal in machine parts & accessories, fit outs of new vehicles and installation of Engine protection systems on trucks, earthmoving & mining equipments, agricultural machinery, buses, boats and cars.

We also stock batteries for all applications including Cars, Trucks, 4Wheel Drives (4WDs), Camper vans & other Heavy Industries. We have the century battery range which is easily refillable, maintenance free with deep cycle marine batteries that provide excellent service and last 12 to 15 years in marine applications.

In Air Conditioning, we carry out Air-conditioning repairs & services for all automobile segments including heavy vehicles, light and medium vehicles. We also undertake installation of new air conditioning systems, Hose repair & manufacturing and other related jobs as well.

Below is a bird’s eye view of our all our service offerings...

• Auto electrical repairs

• New Alternators & Starter Motors

• Wiring repairs, fault finding & modifications

• Parts & Accessories

• New vehicle fit outs

• Engine protection systems

On trucks, earthmoving, mining, agricultural, buses, boats and cars

• Batteries for various applications

1. All Cars, Trucks, 4WDs, leisure & Heavy Industry

2. We stock Century Batteries

    (Including Deep cycle & starting)

• Air Conditioning installations

1. System repairs & service

2. New system installations

3. Hose repair & manufacture

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