New Alternators and Starter Motors

As a Car auto electrical expert, we cover all the reasons that could cause a car or a truck to stop working anywhere without a warning. For instance, if the vehicle is giving you starting troubles, the problem could well be caused due to a faulty starter motor or even a defective alternator. In case of a defective alternator, we can install a new one, or even install a rebuilt alternator which is less expensive than buying a new one. If customers have enough time at their disposal, we can also get the alternator rebuilt which is the cheapest way of fixing a faulty one.

If the alternator is working and the battery is charging just fine, the starting troubles in your vehicle could be caused by a defective starter motor as well. If the starter motor is defective or too worn out, it will not generate enough current to start-up the vehicle. We can replace starter motors with new ones, which may cost from $250 onwards depending on their make. We also carry out rebuilding of starter motors, which is usually cheaper, but takes more time.  

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