24 hr Auto Electrical

Working for an industry which is primarily about keeping things in motion, our job as a 24 hour Auto Electrical expert becomes even more challenging at times. We have to be ready for any breakdown that could happen anytime of the day or night, anywhere on highway, at work-site or at a street in the neighborhood. To ensure that these breakdowns don’t leave our clients stranded, we are always at readiness to address any service call on a 24x7 basis.

As a 24 hour Auto Electrical expert, we serve all breakdown and repair queries of cars, trucks, buses, boats, caravans, campers, earthmovers, excavators, cranes, heavy trailers and all other auto electrical applications running around us. Whether it is day time or late hours of night, we are forever ready to get down to the root cause of a breakdown and repair it as soon as possible.

Even on the highways where service centers can be pretty hard to find, our 24 hour Auto Electrical services can be a real saving grace for people stranded in the outback due to an electrical fault in their vehicle. Our service desk number at 07 3807 6495 is open 24x7 to respond to any service calls ASAP.  

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